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Peasant Bread ~ Easiest Bread Ever

I have finally found a no-knead bread that is quick, easy and doesn’t affect my flour phobia. Yes, I despise touching flour. Don’t ask. I don’t know. I think it’s a tactile thing. But it gives some real heebie jeebies! … Continue reading

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My New Find

Ok, it’s not necessarily a new find. More like a new purchase. I went to visit my daughter in college yesterday. First I delivered a truckload of groceries to her. Not kidding: Then took her out for lunch before she … Continue reading

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One Mans Trash…

You know the saying. One mans trash is another mans treasure. Wow, is THAT the truth! About two weeks ago, I was dropping some things off at the thrift store. You have to take the donations to the back of … Continue reading

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Talk About Inflation!

Gee….maybe it’s NOT cheaper to preserve your own food. 🙂 Good thing I stopped at the thrift store on my way to Walmart, where I found these tall, lean, beautiful jars. I got six for $2.00. Sure beats the price … Continue reading

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Have You Seen My New Planter?

Awhile ago, as I was cleaning out our sunroom in order to make a dressing room, I found myself having to do something with an old Singer sewing machine stand. It does not have a sewing machine and is missing … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Plates

I saw these at the thrift shop last week and just had to have them! I absolutely love them. They are Harkerware dinner plates in the Pine Cone pattern. There were only three of them, but I bought them anyway … Continue reading

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Spent a Bazillion Dollars, But at Least Saved a Few Kagillion!

There comes a time that you just have to buckle down and purchase something that you need no matter what. That time had come for us today. Our farm consists of at least four acres of “lawn” that has to … Continue reading

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Bread Bags and Ms. Marion

About 22 years ago, I started a job as a caseworker for abused children. One of the secretaries that also worked for that department was named Marion. She was an older woman who lived alone, had bright blue sparkly eyes … Continue reading

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Don’t Look at The Picture!

As you wander through the thrift stores, antique shops and yard sales you will find about a kajillion pictures for sale. At least a bazillion. Often, they are not given a second look other than for the potential buyer to … Continue reading

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The Pallet Princesses

A little while ago, a few members of our coupon swap decided to band together and attempt to make wonderful things from wooden pallets. We were all bit by the Pinterest bug and had the desire to join creative forces. … Continue reading

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