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Pickled Radish Pods

Radishes. They’re temperamental at times. They can grow into beautiful orbs of peppery goodness¬†or you can turn your back on them and they can bolt, leaving you with harsh, hot and practically inedible roots. But don’t despair! Just let those … Continue reading

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A Few More Days, A Few More Mini-Projects

While being on crutches, I have to get creative on projects. I have to be able to do them while sitting for short periods of time (or else my knee gets really stiff) and I have to have all of … Continue reading

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Still Have Jalapenos? Can For a Cowboy!

My garden overflowith with peppers. All kinds of peppers. Hot, banana, sweet and everything in between. I have pickled many-o-jars, preserved some in oil and even dehydrated a bit. And yet they keep coming! Well I came across a canning … Continue reading

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Berry Shortcakes In a Jar

When I came into the mother load of blueberries and added them to the huge amount of black raspberries in my freezer, and still had blackberries to harvest I became a little overwhelmed. I had a dilemma. See, I’m really … Continue reading

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Ugly Duckling Tomato Sauce

Does everyone remember the fairy tale of the ugly duckling? The poor thing wasn’t liked so much because he wasn’t “beautiful”? Have you noticed that the trend for produce has been the same? If that head of cabbage isn’t formed … Continue reading

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A Literal Meltdown … Or Three

Today started like any other day. I ran a quick errand with a friend this morning and headed home to get a full day of priorities completed. On the top of that list was preserving the fresh garden goodies that … Continue reading

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Brilliant Space Saver Idea

I saw this idea floating around Pinterest and I just had to try it. This time of year, I have all sorts of canning jars and other small items inside my refrigerator that are hard to keep track of. The … Continue reading

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