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Listen To Your Angels’ Voices

This is not a post to start a debate or even a discussion about religion, beliefs, spirits, psychic phenomenon or life after death. It is simply me sharing my opinion and a recent experience in my life. So please, take … Continue reading

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Favorite Christmas Gifts

I really enjoyed my Christmas this year. It was much more simple than in past years and I was able to spend it with some very special family members. As I was going through my gifts to put away, there … Continue reading

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Since I’ve Been Gone…

I haven’t posted for awhile and with very good reason, I promise. First, I’ve been busy pursuing my love of photography. I recently took two BFF’s out for some fun photos and we had a blast! Here’s a few of … Continue reading

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Some More Pic Takin’

Headed out yesterday to brush up on some of my photo skills and had a great time. Met up with a young lady and her adorable five year old son. We got so wrapped up in taking our pictures, next … Continue reading

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My Beautiful Daughter

I had the rare opportunity to see my daughter for an extended weekend and believe me, I took full advantage! She joined us for the fall picnic and we then took the opportunity to get a photo session in before … Continue reading

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I Did Not Fall Off The Face of The Earth

Hi everyone! It’s been a week since I posted, but not without good reason. Between packing, prepping the farm for our departure and then heading off to our vacation destination…posts took a backseat. We are currently in a log cabin, … Continue reading

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

You’ve heard the saying “We should have seen the signs”? Well, I happen to believe that the signs are out there. Sometimes, we’re too busy to notice them. Or we see them, but just don’t understand them. Or we don’t … Continue reading

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