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I Can’t Believe That I Am STILL Processing Tomatoes!

It’s November. It’s cold. My tomato plants have been gone a long time. The tomatoes have not. At the end of the season, I gathered every green tomato that those plants could offer and brought them home. I made Green … Continue reading

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Brilliant Space Saver Idea

I saw this idea floating around Pinterest and I just had to try it. This time of year, I have all sorts of canning jars and other small items inside my refrigerator that are hard to keep track of. The … Continue reading

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Carpet Fresh – ER

Ok, we all know that product that you sprinkle on your carpets and then vacuum up to make your home smell fantabulous. Since I have a real concern with anything that lists fragrances in its ingredients, I’d rather make a … Continue reading

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Mmmmmm….Peppermint Oil

The time is right. Mint is overflowing in the garden. The weather is warm. It’s time to make us some peppermint oil. Ready? Let’s do it. All you will need is fresh peppermint (harvested in the morning if possible, when … Continue reading

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Homemade Acne Treatment

Here is a great natural treatment for those nasty breakouts. Please remember that this is not something that will make that zit disappear in hours, but it will help speed up the healing process, condition your skin and help balance … Continue reading

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That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles

Recently I had packed some snacks for my husband and I to take on a trip to Texas. Our flight times were odd, so there was no food served. I figured we could just pick at some granola bars, ┬ápeanuts, … Continue reading

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The Resurrected Tin Foil

Sometimes I wrap sandwiches in tin foil to send with hubby for his lunches. I knew that he was on the frugal bandwagon for sure when he started bringing the tin foil back with him, commenting “we can probably use … Continue reading

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