I am a wife, mother, business owner, farmer, foster parent, retired probation officer and so much more. 🙂 I love to save money any way I can. I just don’t see the sense in handing my cash over to someone else when I don’t have to. I coupon, I grow and can food, I reuse and repurpose items, I scour thrift stores and during the warmer months, my Saturday mornings consist of yard sales and our local farmer’s market with my husband. I have organized local meetings which include coupon swaps, barter clubs and swap meets. Here is where I begin to share this life with the rest of the world. This is Fine Frugality. Because being frugal is not only fine. It is FINE.

21 Responses to About

  1. Shira says:

    Lovely blog – just getting over to check it out! Thank you for following my blog – looking forward to sharing with you!

  2. Katie Moore says:

    I just had a quick question in regards to your website. If you could email me at your convenience that would be great!


  3. You know that I love your blog… so I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out my blog for the details. Keep up the groovy entries. I’m corny. I know.

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  5. twistnpout says:

    I really enjoy your blog. I find it so inspiring and I nominated you for an “inspiring blogger award” via my blog apostaday at http://twistnpout.wordpress.com
    Have a great day!

  6. Little Sis says:

    We’ve loved reading you and have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger – which I now see you already have, but we thought you should know that we also think you’re awesome. http://mysisterspantry.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/versatile-bloggers-us-awww-shucks/

  7. Happy Saturday! I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award AND the Beautiful Blogger Award! http://coffeepoweredmom.wordpress.com/2012/06/23/one-lovely-blog-award-and-the-beautiful-blogger-award/

    • Aaaaawwww…thank you so much!! I’ll make sure to check it out soon and post it within the next week. I’m recovering from surgery and a little slow. :-/ Thanks again for thinking of me!

  8. I stumbled upon your blog searching for gardening blogs. I am glad I found you. Parts of your About page sound just like our family. My husband I were foster Parents and adopted our beautiful little Kailey. We were blessed to have her come to us at 7 days old and we adopted her on her 9 month birthday. We have garden in our back and front yard and love growing our own food. I am not as frugal as you but I know I could learn some good lessons from your blog.

    I too have a blog called Grow it at Home. I would love it if you visited and got to know our family a bit. I look forward to reading more or your posts and researching some of your older ones. Congrats on all the awards. Great job!!


    • Glad you found me Joelle! I’ll head over tonight and take a peek. Congrats on your adoption. We foster delinquent teens on this end. We have both worked in the probation arena, so we kind of migrated that way after our own children grew up and left the nest. We lead a pretty busy life and are always adding more fun items to our plates. 🙂

  9. Allison says:

    Just stopped by to say that I’ve nominated Fine Frugality for the Inspiring Blog Award! (You can see the post here: http://spontaneoustomato.com/2012/08/16/avocado-hummus/ )

  10. twistnpout says:

    Hi ya!
    first – a huge apology for my late response to your nomination of my blog for the inspirational blog award. and i FINALLY was able to write a post about it.
    thanks so much again –

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