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Preparing For An Emergency ~ With Luxuries

I think by now we all know the basics of preparing for an emergency (especially one that involves losing electric and water supply) and what basics we should have on hand (water, canned goods, etc). I am not a “prepper” … Continue reading

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Easy Peasy Banana Bread ~ Lower Fat Too!

I’m always on the hunt for good quick bread recipes. My freezer was getting filled up with bananas, so I searched for a decent banana bread recipe and came up with this one from I gave it a try … Continue reading

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WOW…Was This Good!!

Did you ever notice that sometimes the most simple of things are the best? Well, when it comes to cooking, that seems to be the case quite a bit. Take for instance this simple, frugal salad. Two main ingredients plus … Continue reading

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I’m Cooking Again! Yay!

Well, the crutches came off on Thursday and I’m finally getting to the point that I can stand in the kitchen long enough to make some decent meals. I am so very excited! It’s been almost two months and I … Continue reading

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A Few More Days, A Few More Mini-Projects

While being on crutches, I have to get creative on projects. I have to be able to do them while sitting for short periods of time (or else my knee gets really stiff) and I have to have all of … Continue reading

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An Easy Year-Long Savings Plan ~ Christmas Fund for 2013?

This plan is genius. It’s easy to follow and very manageable. I originally saw it on Pinterest and found it to be more reliable than, for instance, the $5 Plan (saving every 5 dollar bill you get). If you follow … Continue reading

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Favorite Christmas Gifts

I really enjoyed my Christmas this year. It was much more simple than in past years and I was able to spend it with some very special family members. As I was going through my gifts to put away, there … Continue reading

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I Am Proof That Stockpiling Makes Sense

As I’ve said before, I am not an extreme stockpiler by any means, but I do have a very well stocked pantry. One with a reasonable stockpile. About a month ago, I was injured resulting in the need for crutches. … Continue reading

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Not a Sign of Things To Come?

As my husband and I were sitting on the couch last night, I turned and said to him “how can you not be cold?” as I sat there in my two pairs of socks, wrapped in the softest fleece blanket … Continue reading

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As I Heal…

As I posted earlier, I am on the mend from an injury that occurred on December 6th. While decorating my Christmas tree, I made the mistake of standing on a chair to reach the top of the tree. The chair … Continue reading

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