Memorable Touches ~ Homemade Photo Tape

In case you haven’t noticed from my last few posts, when it comes to gift giving I like to make my gifts personal and memorable. In these economic times, the majority of us can’t afford to go out and buy all of the latest gadgets and name brand items for gift giving. That’s alright with me. I still believe that when choosing a gift for someone, that it’s the thought that counts.

That’s why even if you are simply sending a card, you can make it very personal. Here’s a great way to do just that: Photo tape.

It is amazingly easy to do and you can just imagine your recipients face when they receive a card in the mail and the envelope is covered in personalized photos!

Here’s what you do:

Print out a photo or photos that you want to use. This MUST be done on a laser printer and will not work with an inkjet. So, you can head to your nearest copy place or your favorite relative that will let you print your pics on a laser printer.

Cover the photos with packing tape. It’s ok if there’s some bubbles or crinkles, it adds to the character and will really make very little difference in the final appearance.

Smooth the tape with the back of your scissors to assure the tape is adhered to the entire photo.

Dip the photo/tape into water a few times so that the paper is moistened.

Rub the wet paper off of the back of the tape. Your photo will remain on the tape! Please note that you are also losing a lot of the stickiness and will probably have to use clear glue or spray adhesive to secure the tape.

Decorate your envelope or package with your photo strip! You can’t tell me that this isn’t one of the funnest (yes, I said funnest) projects ever.

Personal touches like these will make your gift, no matter how simple, very memorable. So go ahead, raid your friends Facebook pages and send them some memories with their cards this year! It really is the thought that counts you know.


About finefrugality

I am a wife, mother, business owner, farmer, foster parent, retired probation officer and so much more. :-) I love to save money any way I can. I just don’t see the sense in handing my cash over to someone else when I don’t have to. I coupon, I grow and can food, I reuse and repurpose items, I scour thrift stores and during the warmer months, my Saturday mornings consist of yard sales and our local farmer’s market with my husband. I have organized local meetings which include coupon swaps, barter clubs and swap meets. Here is where I begin to share this life with the rest of the world. This is Fine Frugality. Because being frugal is not only fine. It is FINE.
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