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I Did Not Fall Off The Face of The Earth

Hi everyone! It’s been a week since I posted, but not without good reason. Between packing, prepping the farm for our departure and then heading off to our vacation destination…posts took a backseat. We are currently in a log cabin, … Continue reading

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Community Garden…Our Attempts

I’m not sure how it all happened so quickly, but about two months ago a friend and I were talking. She was telling me about her dreams of having a community garden in our town. The next thing I knew, … Continue reading

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Save Those Seeds!

With the end of gardening season quickly approaching, I find myself gathering and sorting seeds from the plants that did well in our garden this year. Saving seeds is easy, economical and gives you a certain sense of accomplishment when … Continue reading

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

You’ve heard the saying “We should have seen the signs”? Well, I happen to believe that the signs are out there. Sometimes, we’re too busy to notice them. Or we see them, but just don’t understand them. Or we don’t … Continue reading

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Some Of My Favorite Money Saving Tips ~ Household

I absolutely love to save money. I am not an extreme person by any stretch of the imagination, but I get a great sense of satisfaction when I know that I can purchase what I need or want without having … Continue reading

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Take Some Time For Yourself

No matter who you are, what you do for a living, how many obligations you have or how short the days may seem…you must take time for you. If you don’t, you won’t be able to do well at your … Continue reading

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Still Have Jalapenos? Can For a Cowboy!

My garden overflowith with peppers. All kinds of peppers. Hot, banana, sweet and everything in between. I have pickled many-o-jars, preserved some in oil and even dehydrated a bit. And yet they keep coming! Well I came across a canning … Continue reading

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Mother Nature Sure Can Be a Show Off!

Today’s weather was supposed to be on the severe side. Thunderstorms, winds, etc. Well, that didn’t really happen. We got about a half hour of rain and that was about it. That was ok with us, there was a lot … Continue reading

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Cherry Kissed Pear Jam

This is my all time favorite jam in the whole wide world. I found a recipe that originally called for plums. I didn’t have any. I improvised. And I never looked back. I then tweaked the recipe to be low … Continue reading

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My New Find

Ok, it’s not necessarily a new find. More like a new purchase. I went to visit my daughter in college yesterday. First I delivered a truckload of groceries to her. Not kidding: Then took her out for lunch before she … Continue reading

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