One Mans Trash…

You know the saying. One mans trash is another mans treasure. Wow, is THAT the truth! About two weeks ago, I was dropping some things off at the thrift store. You have to take the donations to the back of the store, which also happens to be where their dumpsters are kept. As I was carting my bags inside, I noticed a box next to the dumpster with what appeared to be pictures sticking out of it. I walked over and discovered that there were two signed paintings on canvas (along with an empty coffee cup and a crumpled napkin) inside.

When I got inside, I asked them if they were throwing the paintings away. The man came outside, took a look and stated “Looks like we are”. I asked if I could take them and after he looked at me with a that-poor-lady glance, he mumbled “sure”.

Now, you have to understand. I consider myself a caregiver by nature and can be overly sensitive towards others. I cried when we had an injured turkey at the farm and I witnessed it struggle to walk, knowing I couldn’t help it. If a child falls anywhere in my vicinity…I’m on my feet. I’ve made sure perfect strangers have “real” Christmases.  I would adopt every animal in a shelter, therefore I don’t let myself even go to one. You get the idea. I must take care of the world!

So when I realized that these paintings were going to be thrown away, I just had to take them. I mean, someone CREATED them. They put their talent, hearts and soul into composing something lovely. They were so proud of these paintings, that they signed their names to the bottom for the world to see. Trash? I think not!

After I got them home, I gathered all of the signed art that I had. There were two others that I had purchased from thrift stores and two that were painted by family members of mine. I had six total. Perfect for a display. I cleaned them off, took them to our guest room and arranged them in what I thought was the most logical way. And I love it. Even though they are all different styles and colors, I smile when I walk in there and see them all together.

The one on the bottom left was painted by my Aunt Phyllis and the one on the lower right was created by my Great Aunt Fern. Both women are gone, but I still have a piece of them in their art. I did not have the honor of knowing the other artists, but I feel honored to have their achievements in my home. So thank you Barrie S., Claire Shulski, Jackie Tanner, SBL, Phyllis Shuman and Fern Williams. Thank you for creating beauty for our world to enjoy.


About finefrugality

I am a wife, mother, business owner, farmer, foster parent, retired probation officer and so much more. :-) I love to save money any way I can. I just don’t see the sense in handing my cash over to someone else when I don’t have to. I coupon, I grow and can food, I reuse and repurpose items, I scour thrift stores and during the warmer months, my Saturday mornings consist of yard sales and our local farmer’s market with my husband. I have organized local meetings which include coupon swaps, barter clubs and swap meets. Here is where I begin to share this life with the rest of the world. This is Fine Frugality. Because being frugal is not only fine. It is FINE.
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2 Responses to One Mans Trash…

  1. I, too, am a sucker for funky wall art 🙂 Love the way you displayed them on your wall!

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