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Explore Your Own Territory

Over the weekend, we visited a wonderful festival for the first time. It was held in a town that is approximately 45 minutes from our home. We had never even heard of this festival before, but were informed of it’s … Continue reading

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Brilliant Space Saver Idea

I saw this idea floating around Pinterest and I just had to try it. This time of year, I have all sorts of canning jars and other small items inside my refrigerator that are hard to keep track of. The … Continue reading

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Rain Delay

Last night, my friend and I headed out for a long overdue photo outing. As we were driving out of town, the radio started sounding the emergency tones and warnings of severe thunderstorms came across the car speakers. Initially, we … Continue reading

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One Mans Trash…

You know the saying. One mans trash is another mans treasure. Wow, is THAT the truth! About two weeks ago, I was dropping some things off at the thrift store. You have to take the donations to the back of … Continue reading

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Those Frustrating Canning Moments

If you’re a home canner or preserver, you know what I’m talking about. It’s hard work to can your own food. When something goes wrong, it sometimes feels like you wasted a lot of time and effort on that project. … Continue reading

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Take THAT Garden Critters and Hello There Katy!

As part of our master plan to keep critters and grasshoppers from munching on our green beans, hubby and I built a screen box out of old window screens and placed it over the newly planted green bean bed. The … Continue reading

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Garden Goodness

For the first time in a long time, I have good news to report about the garden. The recent rain has brought life back to the garden and the veggies are performing like they’re trying to get an Academy Award! … Continue reading

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My $.83 Lunch

Today I had the most scrumptious lunch! I took a piece of Naan bread and made it into a personal pizza. The bread was given to me by my mother when she cleaned out some of her freezer space. I … Continue reading

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Slow Down…Savor Your Cucumber

As I was preparing my lunch today (salad and an English Muffin), I was slicing one of the few cucumbers we got from the garden so far. As I was slicing, I was shoving slices in my mouth as my … Continue reading

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Drying Garden Goodness For Gift Giving

I love to give gifts from my garden. Sometimes it’s fresh produce. Other times it’s canned goodies. This time, it’s dried mint. My mint is insane and despite the crazy weather, still has a lot of life in it. I … Continue reading

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