Greeting Card Memory Board

As I was telling my husband today, my thoughts and projects have been so random lately! Luckily, that randomness made two projects collide and created a great master project. I don’t know about you, but as I do one project, I’m already thinking ahead to the next, or reminded of another one I wanted to do, etc. As I started painting our hall the other day, I remembered that I wanted to frame some personal items to hang in the hall. Which made me remember that I had a box of old picture frames. While looking for the picture frames, I came across a tote of old greeting cards (I simply CAN’T throw away greeting cards! I have them in drawers, totes, boxes…).

I then spied a large print that I had. (I mean BIG! It’s 41 inches by 29 inches) This print used to hang in our rec room until my daughter broke the glass out of it when she was crawling through the window after we were locked out of the house. True story. Damage also included two cuts in the print itself. I have been wondering what to do with it ever since.

Something woke up in the “A-ha” part of my brain and an idea was formed. I sat for a few minutes wondering how I was going to bring it all together. Here’s what I ended up doing:

I painted the print itself quickly, just enough to even it out some. (I used some oopsie paint I got at Walmart. How does “Off White” get messed up?) I also painted the picture frames that I gathered with black paint. I wasn’t too particular about it and actually left little spots of the frames show through the brush strokes. It looks aged that way.

Repurpose Alert: I used our takeout tin that used to hold antipasta to wash out the brushes. I then cleaned it out again and will hang it in the garden to chase big ol’ crows away. Ok, let’s continue…

I then used spray adhesive to secure a light muslin fabric to the print. (With the print painted, it doesn’t show through the light fabric) The red stuff around the print is Saran Wrap. I didn’t want the frame itself to get tacky. I used hot glue to secure the fabric deep in the corners. I tucked the fabric under the frame as I cut with my Exacto knife. A light coat of hot glue secured it there.

Repurpose Alert: I had enough fabric left over for another small project, and the long strips that were cut off can be used for gift wrapping or tying labels to canned goods. Continue…

As the paint on the frames was drying, I chose which greeting cards I wanted to preserve. I opted for two signed by my father (who passed away in 2001), one signed by my mom, one signed by my father’s mom in 2004 and one signed by my grandmother (who passed away in 1993). I cut each one to fit the frame, using the signed portion only.

Each of the frames had a hinged stand on the back, which I snapped off. I then inserted the cards into the frames and put the backs on. I had previously arranged the frames on the print, and took a picture so I wouldn’t forget how I wanted them arranged. I laid them out to my liking and then just tilted the frames up, coated with a heavy dose of hot glue and gently put them back down. A gentle press to secure. The hot glue was able to stick not only to the fabric, but because the fabric was so light, it went through to the print as well. I was very surprised at how firmly those frames are on there. Let the glue dry completely before trying to stand the print up. And PLEASE take caution when using the hot glue gun it WILL burn you if you’re not very careful!

The only problem I’m noting is that you can see some of the hot glue around the frame (where I had to touch up loose fabric). I will probably end up making a trim to go around the edge to hide that. For now though, it’s great.

And there you have it! I have a great display made from some of my kept greeting cards. I love seeing the familiar handwriting and knowing that in that particular point in time, they were thinking of me (or my husband). It makes my heart smile. I just have to find a place to hang it now!







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2 Responses to Greeting Card Memory Board

  1. what a great idea … it looks super but it almost brought tears to my eyes “happy tears”

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