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My New Favorite Plates

I saw these at the thrift shop last week and just had to have them! I absolutely love them. They are Harkerware dinner plates in the Pine Cone pattern. There were only three of them, but I bought them anyway … Continue reading

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Let The Organization Begin!

I am actually very excited about my May De-Clutter challenge! I have made a very do-able schedule and plan to stick to it like glue. Anyone that has decided to participate, it all begins tomorrow! We will be working on … Continue reading

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Photo-A-Day Challenge ~ Something That Makes You Sad

Well, here it is folks…the last of this month’s photo challenge subjects. “Something That Makes You Sad”. Other than the obvious things like death, sickness, injuries etc., one thing that makes me really sad is when you work your tail … Continue reading

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Photo-A-Day Challenge ~ Circle

The subject for today’s photo challenge is “circle”. This photo was taken almost two years ago at our farm. It was the most fabulous full moon I’ve ever seen. Every so often, a small cloud would drift past the moon, … Continue reading

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Photo-A-Day Challenge ~ 1PM

Today’s photo challenge subject was “1 pm”. Easy enough. Here’s what I was doing at 1pm. I was playing Draw Something. Don’t worry! It turned out to be a productive day with about four hours of garden work AFTER I … Continue reading

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Let’s Make Red Beet Eggs

This is a recipe for good ol’ Pennsylvania Dutch Red Beet Eggs. They are delicious on salads or standing alone. They also make a great potluck dish that is inexpensive and colorful. Here we go… This is what you will … Continue reading

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Free Cereal Samples ~ What To Do, What To Do

I am always sending for free samples of products. Some I end up liking and buying forever, some not so much. I honestly don’t even know why I sent for this peanut butter cereal sample. There is no way that … Continue reading

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Photo-A-Day Challenge ~ Somewhere You Went

Today’s photo challenge subject is “Somewhere You Went”. Last year, my husband and I decided to drive almost cross country and vacation in Colorado. We left Pennsylvania in our trusty Dodge Durango and four days later arrived in Buena Vista, … Continue reading

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Share Your Dryer Lint

Each time I empty my dryer’s lint filter, I deposit the lint into an old ice cream bucket with a lid. In my opinion, it helps keep the room less dusty. When the bucket is full, it’s time to do … Continue reading

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Gearing Up For May De-Cluttering!

I like organization, but sometimes get distracted. I work well under a schedule. I have brought the two together in an attempt to spend one month focusing on reducing clutter…one baby step at a time. In preparation for the upcoming … Continue reading

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